FRAMTO’s Distinctive Solution

An Innovative Materials Manufacturing Startup revolutionizing the future of mobility, display, and semiconductor industries.

FRAMTO Inc. is dedicated to developing high-performance current collectors for next-generation lithium-ion batteries and solid-state batteries. This includes advanced technologies for high-capacity silicon/graphite anode lithium-ion batteries, lithium metal batteries, and sulfide-based solid-state batteries. The company leverages the expertise gained from over a decade of technology development and mass production experience.

By integrating FRAMTO’s cutting-edge current collectors, specifically designed for next-generation batteries, into the products of global battery companies and automotive OEMs, remarkable advancements can be achieved in terms of battery material diversity, structure, and overall performance.

As the sole startup specializing in next-generation current collectors, FRAMTO Inc. is spearheading a transformative shift in the battery industry. The company places great emphasis on factors such as cost-effectiveness, high capacity, extended life-cycle, and battery stability, while also prioritizing lightweight design considerations for vehicles.

In addition to their work on next-generation current collectors, FRAMTO Inc. is actively engaged in the development of world-class advanced materials and components for crucial industries including secondary batteries, semiconductors, and displays. These endeavors leverage the company’s core expertise in ultra-thin metal materials.