Leading the first steps towards TIPS

Leading the first steps towards TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for Startup) at Gyeongbuk Center for Creative Economy & Innovation. GyeongbukDomin Daily News

-Gyeongbuk Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (Director, Lee Moon-rak) has announced that they will actively support the growth and stable startup investment environment of outstanding startups in the region through the “2023 Gyeongbuk TIPS (Technology-based Startup) Support Program.” Nine companies have been selected for nurturing.

The “Gyeongbuk TIPS Support Program” selects technology-centered startup companies with high growth potential and provides support to enable them to be finally selected for the TIPS project* hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. The program includes matching with TIPS operators, specialized consulting, and financial support. (TIPS, hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, is a leading technology-based startup support platform that promotes the establishment of startup teams by utilizing successful venture operators through private investment-driven technology-based startup support, connecting angel investment and government R&D to facilitate startup activities by high-tech personnel.)

The nine companies selected for the Gyeongbuk TIPS support program are as follows: Wits Co., Ltd., Business Note Co., Ltd., Galloping Co., Ltd., FRAMTO Inc., Ltd., Seongwang E&F Co., Ltd., Threbrooks Therapeutics Co., Ltd., Stress Solution Co., Ltd., Cream Co., Ltd., and Younggak Genomics Inc.

*Note: The acronym “TIPS” stands for “Tech Incubator Program for Startup.”